Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, it's been 3 weeks and i still hurt. Weekly trips to the doc are frustrating because i see different ones each time...altho' the last 2 visits were with the same old geezer who chooses not to listen to me speak or let me finish when i try to explain the pain. He rushes through the visit & kicks me out & says physical therapy. And better yet...when i show him how swollen the one leg is he tells me "well...you're heavy...it's summer...and you're on your feet all the time..." so i guess i am in pain because i am FAT??? i seriously am fed up with that place...and will see if i can go elsewhere for the workman's comp stuff.

On a better note---i am thinking about adopting a dog at work...he is a shepherd (mix?) and his name is Bob. He's an older fellow so i think he'll do well in my house. i am waiting until my leg is better before i make the final decision---but if he gets adopted in the mean time that's okay too. He deserves a good home asap!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far---yikes! it's almost over!