Monday, December 27, 2010

That's my Jeep Cherokee under there. We had a little snow yesterday...and overnight...not getting anywhere anytime today that's for sure! Had a couple hitches shoveling but gotta take breaks in between. The wind is crazy & caused HUGE drifts as you can see!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brave Girls Club

Found a thing called Brave Girls Club...they hold artistic retreats out in the midwest, but it's more than that. It's finding your SELF again thru the art you create, the fellowship you gain and the time spent with your creating.

i registered for the online course that starts in January called Soul Restoration (will put a blinkie to link as soon as i figure that out! lol) and i'm really looking forward to it. There are specific exercise & a curriculum to follow & it's all to help you gain your SELF back again! All of us have "stuff" that's holding us back & it's a chance to push that away and let YOU come back!

i get a sense that Faith is a large part of this...which is what drew me to this as well.

So i will see how it goes & share here as it happens!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's gettin' to me!...

...either old age or the crazy work schedule i have juggling 2 jobs! i swore i was to work at my second job (at the vet) on Monday & Thursday---even said "see ya Thursday" when i left on Monday night. Well, Wednesday afternoon they called looking for me---OOOps! Seems i wrote down Thursday-Oct 13th on my paper...hmmm...Wednesday was the 13th---NOT Thursday---well, i am embarrassed to say the least & i feel very bad, but it was an honest mistake & i would have gone in if i was able...but i was already at my full time job. i am hoping they forgive me & that i still have a job to go to!

But on a MUCH brighter note---i FINALLY got my hair cut! Went back to Magda at Vito Mazza - haven't been in exactly 1 year! i was so excited to go---and she did an awesome job as usual!

i have Saturday night & all day Sunday off---hoping to get together with my scrappin' buddy Elisa & see what for trouble we can get into! If the weather is nice on Sunday i want to definitely take some pictures...haven't done a real photo day in a looong time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Colonia Pride Day!

What a beautiful day it was outside today! An absolutely PERFECT autumn day! And a great day for a parade! Today was the Colonia Pride Day parade---my town is all of 6 blocks long so you can imagine how big this parade really is! i have never been to it before...not sure why. But this year my brother was to drive one of the tow trucks for the part time job he has---and his family was going to ride with him! So you KNOW i had to go because that is a scrapbooking moment you should not miss! i saw my niece Faith with him in the front seat...couldn't see his wife & son in back though. And i tried to video---which worked---but then i tried to stop recording & take a couple pics---did not work so well. Gotta pray my EasyShare software lets me pull prints from a video!

i walked to the street the parade was on because it is only a little ways around the block. But since i am still nursing a hamstring injury---it was not the best idea. i am now hurting like crazy. i have taken Aleeve & have been resting ever since i got home. And i so wanted to do some more Fall decorating around the house. So far i've managed to put up a few things before i left for the parade, but not much.

On top of that let's add the fact that my newly adopted dog, Bob had a touch of separation anxiety and when i got home---he politely had pooped in the bird's room. Oh joy...not! i am hoping that this is all going to go away once he gets used to the fact that this is his forever home & no one is abandoning him or whatever. i really do not want to crate him, but that may have to happen. To be continued...

Well, didn't want to end my post on THAT kind of note but i guess i am! lol

Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's the anniversary of Green Goddess Creations & what a giveaway she has! Please check it out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, it's been 3 weeks and i still hurt. Weekly trips to the doc are frustrating because i see different ones each time...altho' the last 2 visits were with the same old geezer who chooses not to listen to me speak or let me finish when i try to explain the pain. He rushes through the visit & kicks me out & says physical therapy. And better yet...when i show him how swollen the one leg is he tells me "'re's summer...and you're on your feet all the time..." so i guess i am in pain because i am FAT??? i seriously am fed up with that place...and will see if i can go elsewhere for the workman's comp stuff.

On a better note---i am thinking about adopting a dog at work...he is a shepherd (mix?) and his name is Bob. He's an older fellow so i think he'll do well in my house. i am waiting until my leg is better before i make the final decision---but if he gets adopted in the mean time that's okay too. He deserves a good home asap!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far---yikes! it's almost over!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

O-U-C-H !

Had a little accident at work yesterday---squatted down low to get a leash off a little dog & couldn't get back up! Felt "rubber band snaps" on the side/behind my knee!!! Had to hang on to the fencing until someone could help me to the desk---yikes!

Made it to the doc who said they couldn't take xrays since i can't straighten my leg (???)---was a little puzzled by that. i am in PRIMO PAIN when i attempt to move it out or lay down with it elevated. i can sit without too much discomfort. They sent me home w/crutches (which stink!) so i do my best to get around with an old walker & my rolling desk chair.

Decided to stick it out today & go back to the doc tomorrow to see what they say...maybe i need a referral for an ortho---double yikes!

Tune in next time! lol

Sunday, July 18, 2010

to forgive...

The message at church today included forgive means to release...and i found myself realizing i am certainly one of many holding on to some bitter (even hateful) feelings towards people in my past that did indeed hurt me. The message continued that if i am to truly live the way God intends---that i have to forgive---to release. Hmmm...Pastor did say that you in no way have to try and restore any kind of relationship you had with the person(s)...if that means i don't have to call anyone up & say "hi, i forgive you" then i think i can deal with least i will try.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Fun???

So the weekend is here...i think heavy rain is in the forecast today...and i have to do a home party with Heavenscent Gifts this afternoon...yikes! i gotta work tomorrow so will miss church, but if the weather is nice i promised my niece i'd go swimming with her.

And that's my wild wacky weekend plans! lol...NOT!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Weekend is here...sort of!

i have 2 days off in a row---so it's sort of a weekend! i plan to paint up the orders i received from Saturday so i can get them to the customers. i also need to clean up my craft room---plans to start painting for real means i need some more organization!

i'm still enjoying all the dog blogs i find! i am anxious to start volunteering for German Shepherd rescue here in NJ.

Today was "Caricature Day" at work at Camp Bow Wow---For a $10 donation dog owners had a drawing done of their dog & they were soooo cute! Proceeds (100%) go to rescue groups!

Off to relax a bit!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Although i had the weekend off this time---i think i was more tired than if i had worked! The Rawhide Rescue Flea Market was Saturday, then Sunday was decorating Camp Bow Wow for the anniversary celebration & a Mary Kay party at my friend's house. i was soooo tired by bed time!

Today i go to work a little later so this morning i need to catch up on a little bit of housework. But first....breakfast!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time to Volunteer

Altho' i miss my Dana terribly---i still am not about to add another dog to the pack just yet. Lucky Face & Lucy have enough health problems that i can't ask them to accept another dog on top of that!...of course if a shepherd were to drop in my lap...i'd take it!

But i've been thinking...i want to someday get another shepherd thru a rescue...and i always check Garden State German Shepherd Rescue. They are always looking for volunteers, so i thought THAT would be my "German Shepherd" fix! i'm going to fill out the volunteer application & help at the fundraisers, make some of my crafts for them, etc. i think that will be good for me! i think that my experince in helping with a rescue organization may even be "blog-worthy"!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The NEW Venture!

My friend Claire has taken our idea of selling our hand painted/handmade items & ran with it! She has started HeavenScent Gifts...and i'm here to ask everyone to please check it out! Altho' it's New Jersey based i'm sure we can ship (U.S. only for now)

Here is the link


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is coming!!!!!

i refuse to accept anymore winter weather...that's it. i want Spring & flowers & birds & green & sun. Of course Summer is my fave season...but Spring will be quite welcome to me right now!

Okay---so i haven't posted in months...a lot was going on. So i am now hoping to get into it. Not sure how that will pan out but we shall see. When i do finally get into a routine i'll advertise my blog a bit more.

Come on Spring!