Tuesday, July 20, 2010

O-U-C-H !

Had a little accident at work yesterday---squatted down low to get a leash off a little dog & couldn't get back up! Felt "rubber band snaps" on the side/behind my knee!!! Had to hang on to the fencing until someone could help me to the desk---yikes!

Made it to the doc who said they couldn't take xrays since i can't straighten my leg (???)---was a little puzzled by that. i am in PRIMO PAIN when i attempt to move it out or lay down with it elevated. i can sit without too much discomfort. They sent me home w/crutches (which stink!) so i do my best to get around with an old walker & my rolling desk chair.

Decided to stick it out today & go back to the doc tomorrow to see what they say...maybe i need a referral for an ortho---double yikes!

Tune in next time! lol

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