Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Weekend is here...sort of!

i have 2 days off in a row---so it's sort of a weekend! i plan to paint up the orders i received from Saturday so i can get them to the customers. i also need to clean up my craft room---plans to start painting for real means i need some more organization!

i'm still enjoying all the dog blogs i find! i am anxious to start volunteering for German Shepherd rescue here in NJ.

Today was "Caricature Day" at work at Camp Bow Wow---For a $10 donation dog owners had a drawing done of their dog & they were soooo cute! Proceeds (100%) go to rescue groups!

Off to relax a bit!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Although i had the weekend off this time---i think i was more tired than if i had worked! The Rawhide Rescue Flea Market was Saturday, then Sunday was decorating Camp Bow Wow for the anniversary celebration & a Mary Kay party at my friend's house. i was soooo tired by bed time!

Today i go to work a little later so this morning i need to catch up on a little bit of housework. But first....breakfast!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time to Volunteer

Altho' i miss my Dana terribly---i still am not about to add another dog to the pack just yet. Lucky Face & Lucy have enough health problems that i can't ask them to accept another dog on top of that!...of course if a shepherd were to drop in my lap...i'd take it!

But i've been thinking...i want to someday get another shepherd thru a rescue...and i always check Garden State German Shepherd Rescue. They are always looking for volunteers, so i thought THAT would be my "German Shepherd" fix! i'm going to fill out the volunteer application & help at the fundraisers, make some of my crafts for them, etc. i think that will be good for me! i think that my experince in helping with a rescue organization may even be "blog-worthy"!