Friday, October 15, 2010

It's gettin' to me!...

...either old age or the crazy work schedule i have juggling 2 jobs! i swore i was to work at my second job (at the vet) on Monday & Thursday---even said "see ya Thursday" when i left on Monday night. Well, Wednesday afternoon they called looking for me---OOOps! Seems i wrote down Thursday-Oct 13th on my paper...hmmm...Wednesday was the 13th---NOT Thursday---well, i am embarrassed to say the least & i feel very bad, but it was an honest mistake & i would have gone in if i was able...but i was already at my full time job. i am hoping they forgive me & that i still have a job to go to!

But on a MUCH brighter note---i FINALLY got my hair cut! Went back to Magda at Vito Mazza - haven't been in exactly 1 year! i was so excited to go---and she did an awesome job as usual!

i have Saturday night & all day Sunday off---hoping to get together with my scrappin' buddy Elisa & see what for trouble we can get into! If the weather is nice on Sunday i want to definitely take some pictures...haven't done a real photo day in a looong time.

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