Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soul House

The Brave Girls Club online class "Soul Restoration" started yesterday. WOW! This is going to be quite a different experience for me! i am committed to do it though - because it feels like something i need to do.

i am going to enjoy it too...all the arts & crafts involved while you really look inside your "self" and repair some things in your house that have been broken - some things are broken that you were not even aware of!

It calls for more writing than i've ever done as well...that may take some time. i used to journal MANY years ago...apparently it is my time to start again!

Another snowstorm came through last night here in NJ - looks like a foot i think. i am lucky to be off from at least 1 job...will have most of the day to clean it up to head out for the other job. i am so tired of winter now...really!

Time for breakfast...then some work on my Soul Restoration projects! i have some great ideas!

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