Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year - New Post!!!!!

Hello out there in Blogger-land!

i am hoping to keep myself on track and start blogging a bit more. Working 2 jobs is keeping me so very busy...but i want to share my bits & pieces of life so i will try and find time now & then!

So yesterday i was at my dog training club's annual obedience/rally trial. i have been a member of the club for over 30 years. It's an awesome bunch of people. But even tho' i have 3 dogs now...none are able to compete - age, health, etc.- so i haven't been attending training nights on Tuesdays. But seeing everyone yesterday made me decide to at least pop in & help out so that's on my to-do list!

My "job" at our trial is to run the boutique table...actually it's a table full of my arts & crafts...and i donate 100% of the sales to the club to help defray the cost of the trial. i get some special orders from people and that makes me happy, as i do hope to make a go of my art as a business...even a small one!

In painting & preparing things for this day i really started feeling upset that i don't have a dog i can participate with in all the fun dog events anymore...but i am smart enough to realize i have more than enough on my plate (family stuff and all) that i won't jump into a new dog too soon! Of course if the perfect dog were to fall in my lap...well...that's another story! LOL!

This week is geared for getting the Christmas decor down...i can only do a little at a time. The weekend - or at least Sunday - will be another painting project. More on that later!

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